Agency Agreement

Agency Agreement

Agency Agreement

AJOYE POWER specialized in developing, producing and marketing of Battery products,now AJOYEs products have been selling widely all over the world.

With the advantage and competitiveness of the product itself, in order to accelerate the development of the market, AJOYE need more and more customers and agents to join and grow together. Hereby would like to recruit agents all over the world.

Agency Policy

Agent type: Exclusive agents and Ordinary agents;

Ordinary agency policy

1) AJOYE offer special price support to ordinary agent;

2) AJOYE has the right to add other ordinary agents in this region to develop the market together;

3) When ordinary agent sales ability and sales volume are strong enough, ordinary agent can consider turn to the exclusive agent, AJOYE will give more favorable price support and excellent service.

● Exclusive agency policy

The exclusive agent is responsible for the sales of AJOYE products in this region. At the same time, they can develop more ordinary agents for themselves.

1) As an exclusive agent of AJOYE, the battery product must be the main  products and main business, or the battery product will become its main business in the near future.

At the same time, agents should provide a complete business plan to AJOYE, including an introduction to the company, local market analysis, marketing plans, and annual sales targets.

2) As an exclusive agent, must offer a valid business license, legal person certificate and other information must be provided for filing;

3) The number of employees specializing in battery products business should be at least four person, including one engineer, three sales staff and one supervisor;

4) The exclusive agent should have a sales target every year. The exclusive agent must pay a certain agency fee to get the exclusive agency price and related service. For the specific amount, different market amount is difference, please contact the AJOYE sales for details;

5) When the exclusive agent completes the annual sales target, AJOYE will return the agency fee and give a certain amount of advertising fees, etc., different market policy is difference, please contact AJOYE sales for details;

6) If the exclusive agent fails to complete the signed sales and sales targets, the agency fee will not be refunded, and AJOYE have the right to revoke the exclusive agent title or reduce it to the general agent;

● Exclusive agency rights and responsibilities

1) Exclusive agents should sell battery product under the “AJOYE” brand, and all products should be marked with AJOYE logo;

2) The exclusive agent should submit a market report to AJOYE every quarter. The market report should include sales, various aspects, market trends analyse,etc.

4) The exclusive agent has the right to process all enquiries in his area, to protect exclusive agents customer, AJOYE promise that after signed the agreement, AJOYE will not quote prices to ANY customers comes from this area. AJOYE will inform the exclusive agent immediately once receiving any inquiry from the customer in the area, let the exclusive agent partner deal the inquiry.  

5) Exclusive agents should visit AJOYE factory at least one time each year.

No matter ordinary agent or exclusive agent, AJOYE hope can work with each other not only like partners, but more like brothers,  honest and trust each other, keep in tightly contact each other,discuss together, grow up together, earn money together!  AJOYE are very confidence to build more and more business together in future!


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